N.S. Buildings, 1, K.S. Roy Road, Kolkata - 700 001.


NOTICE - Progress Report as on 30.10.2017 for AKANKSHA Project Dt. 30.10.2017New Blink
NOTICE - Payment 2nd installment for Premium & Classic for AKANKSHA Project Dt. 30.10.2017New Blink
NOTICE - PROGRESS-REPORT Dt. 30.09.2017New Blink
NOTICE - Time schedule for collection of Final Allotment Letter Dt. 04.09.2017New Blink
NOTICE - Result of Lottery held on 21.08.2017

NOTICE No. 559-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 18.08.2017

NOTICE No. 558-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 18.08.2017

NOTICE No. 557-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 18.08.2017

NOTICE No. 556-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 18.08.2017

NOTICE No. 555-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 18.08.2017

NOTICE No. 554-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 18.08.2017

NOTICE No. 553-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 11.08.2017

Notice No. 552-H8-3L-01-2016 Dt. 09.08.2017

Progress Report as on 30.07.2017

Progress Report as on 30.06.2017

NOTICE No. 546-H8/3L-01/2016 Dt. 10.07.2017

NOTICE No. 545-H8-3L-1-2016 Dt. 03.07.2017

NOTICE No. 539-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 08.06.2017

NOTICE No. 540-H8/3L-1/2016 Dt. 08.06.2017

Progress Report & Photo of Akanksha Housing Scheme at New Town



No.532-H8/5P-2/2016    Dated. 07.04.2017

Plan for Akanksha Housing Scheme, New Town     Dated 24/02/2017

No. 422-H8/4A-01/2016     Dated 21/02/2017

Mutation of Land of AKANKSHA Housing Project, New Town     Dated 25/01/2017

Deed of Land of AKANKSHA Housing Project, New Town     Dated 25/01/2017

No. 3-H8/4A-01/2016     Dated 10/01/2017

No. 610-H8/4TA-05/2016     Dated 16/12/2016

No. 608 -H8/5P-2/2016     Dated 06/12/2016

No. 607-H8/5P-2/2016    Dated 06/12/2016

No. 606-H8/3L-01/2016    Dated 30/11/2016

No.602-H8/3L-01/2016    Dated. 03/10/2016

No.599-H8/4A-01/2016    Dated. 19-09-2016

No.595-H8/3L-01/2016    Dated. 02/08/2016

No.591-H8/3L-01/2016    Dated. 30.6.2016

No.587-H8/3L-01/2016    Dated, Kolkata, the 22nd June,2016

No.11-H8/3L-01/2016    Dated,Kolkata, the 9th June, 2016

No. 04-H8/4A-01/2016    Dated : 19.02.2016

No: 01-H8/ 4A - 01/2016    Dated : 4/2/2016

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Source : HOUSING DEPARTMENT Government of West Bengal, Last Updated On 15-12-2017